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    Don't Just Sleep, Mend!

    US-Made Mattresses for the Best Sleep of Your Life

    "Great Pressure Relief!"

    "So Far I Love the Mend Adapt Mattress!"

    "Best Mattress for Heavy Weight Sleepers!"

    "Best Hybrid Mattress!"

    "Great Price and Amazing Benefits!"

    "Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief in 2021!"

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    Mend Mattresses

    Your Quest for Great Sleep Ends Here!

    Are you tired of trying to guess which mattress would be right for you and your loved ones and settling for less than you deserve? We used our decades of combined experience and the most innovative materials & technology in the sleep industry to provide you with high-end, adjustable mattresses you will love.


    We are so confident in our products that we stand by them with a 180 Nights Sleep Trial and Lifetime Warranty. With FREE Shipping & Returns and several flexible financing opportunities available, you’re only one step away from enjoying the best sleep of your life!

    $1,386.00 - $2,446.00

    Mend Adapt (From $849)

    The Mattress You Mend & Adapt

    Our Comfort Layer Technology allows you to adjust the feel and firmness of your mattress in the comfort of your home. You can forget all about sleep quizzes or heavy mattress flipping. Simply zip-flip-zip to enjoy the best sleep of your life!

    $575.00 - $1,310.00

    Mend Bliss (From $373.5)

    Sleeping and Wallet Bliss

    Our new 12.5'' pillowtop hybrid mattress is the best solution to upgrade your sleep on a budget, especially at this crazy low entry price. Enjoy body temperature regulation, targeted support, pressure relief, and motion isolation at an unbeatable price!

    $750.00 - $1,630.00

    Mend Renew (From $459)

    Renew Your Sleep

    Our innovative 12'' pillowtop hybrid mattress combines the OEKO-TEX Tencel fabric with the most breathable pressure-relieving CertiPUR-US foams and a supportive quantum coils system to ensure the cool and comfortable sleep you deserve at an affordable price.

    Adjust Your Mattress Firmness Easily at Home!

    We used the most innovative materials out there to create the only mattress on the market that allows you to adjust its firmness even after you’ve slept on it, without needing to flip it, add bulky toppers, or inflate expensive air bladders.

    Our Comfort Layer technology makes getting the perfect level of firmness a breeze. Just “zip, switch, zip” to adjust the feel of your mattress from medium-firm to medium-soft and the other way around! And there’s more…

    Our unique foam layer provides the perfect balance of comfort, support, durability, and breathability. Its superior elasticity allows it to adjust to your body’s shape and weight immediately, ensuring instant support and pressure relief. Add improved airflow for body temperature regulation and you have the ultimate solution for undisturbed sleep throughout the year.

    Improved Support

    Our unique foam-spring core adjusts to your body contour and provides targeted spine support, allowing for more restful sleep and improved energy throughout the day.

    Guaranteed Comfort

    With our Comfort Layer technology, finding your comfort is just a matter of testing and seeing which option works for you. And you have 180 days to play around risk-free!

    Cooling Properties

    Our spring coil core, innovative foams, and breathable covers regulate body temperature and ensure optimum heat dissipation, allowing for cool sleep year-round.

    The Mend


    180 Nights Trial

    Test our mattresses risk-free, in your home, for up to 180 nights - You'll surely fall in love with the mattress that you can mend and adapt to your needs and preferences!

    Lifetime Warranty

    Our mattresses are built to ensure your comfortable sleep for decades - We are so confident in their durability that we offer a lifetime warranty!

    Certified Quality & Safety

    Mend mattresses are made with controlled quality materials certified as safe for both users and the environment: CertiPUR-US®️ foam & Tencel & OEKO-TEX® fabrics.

    Ultimate Comfort

    Our Comfort Layer Technology lets you adjust your mattress firmness at home - Just zip-switch-zip as needed to reach the firmness level you need and like!

    Made in the U.S

    All our products are designed and manufactured in the United States, following the highest quality standards and good manufacturing practices.

    What Dreams Are Made Of

    Crafted for Restful Sleep

    Edge Support

    All-foam mattresses give you that "falling off the edge" feeling. Our hybrid spring system ensures the only falling feeling you'll get is right to sleep.


    Mend is the only mattress on the market with an exchangeable Comfort Layer, letting you adjust its firmness level after purchase, at home.

    Sleep Neutral

    The Mend mattress absorbs your body heat and dissipates it, so you don't sleep "cool" or "hot but comfortable, at a neutral temperature.

    A Customizable Comfort Layer

    The only mattress on the market that allows you to change your firmness level after purchase. Simply "zip-flip-zip" to change the Comfort Layer.

    Surrounding You With Benefits

    Change your firmness level right at home, even after you've slept on it.

    Cooling Cover

    Our zipped cover allows you to open the mattress and flip the comfort layers to adapt to your liking.
    Also, you can remove the cover to wash it. Our ultra luxury Emana fabric is known to reduce the appearance of cellulite, delivering a smoother and younger skin, with comfort and wellbeing.

    Deep Support Layer

    This transition layer provides extra deep support for your aching back. This layer provides a nice firm base under the comfort foams adding additional support.

    Base Layer and Cover

    This layer adds extra support but also adds a solid base for the mattress allowing you to use it on any surface like slats, an adjustable base, a boxspring and more. The removeable cover can be machine washed and air dried.

    Zip, Adjust, Zip

    Adjusting your firmness is easy of unzipping, flipping the comfort layer and zipping back up. It's very easy and changes the feel to your liking.
    Never worry about not liking your new mattress again.

    Where the Magic Happens

    With Mend Adapt you may unzip your mattress and change the firmness in just a couple of minutes. Remove the headache of choosing the right mattress.
    If you do not like either the medium soft or medium firm feels we can even send a completely new comfort insert.

    Back Support System

    Our pocketed coil unit provides unbeatable support. The independent pocketed coils also reduce motion disturbance from your partner, kids or pets!
    The coils on the edge use thicker gauge steel to provide extra edge support maximize your sleeping surface and eliminate the *roll off the bed* feeling.

    Happy Customers

    We have the Adapt. I was a little skeptical about having a mattress delivered without sleeping on it but it has been fantastic. The last brand we tried was not adjustable and we did not want to fork out big money for a sleep number. So this was a good find for us. We have tried both firmnesses and like them both. My wife is smaller than me so she likes the softer side more. I like the firmer side more but even the softer side is still very supportive for me. We are recommending this mattress for sure.

    4 Stars

    Pamela & Nick B.

    We love our mattress! We were scared to buy online since you cannot try them in most places. So we loved the idea of being able to unzip and change the feel at home. It took the scariness out of buying online. We are 100% happy with the quality, feel and we are sleeping SO much better. Thank you! I’ll be sending a friend referral soon.

    5 Stars

    Morgan A.

    We have bought 2 Mend mattresses. We sleep on the nicer one and our 6 year old sleeps on the cheaper one. Ours has been a gamechanger for me. I never really slept very good on our old mattress. I have less back pain and sleep with less sweating. The kids mattress is very nice for the price as well. It is nice enough for me even but we liked the ability to change the feel of ours. Both are good products and we recommend.

    4 Stars

    Bryon & Destiny S.

    We have the adjustable Mend and simply bought it for that reason. We tried a Saatva and we didn’t like it. Then we got a topper for that mattress and the topper was annoying, the sheets would pop off. So we wanted something that we could change the feel of but aso didn’t want to spend $3000 or more. We gave Mend a chance and it has been wonderful. We like the medium firmness best and have been sleeping soo much better.

    4 Stars

    Amy & Todd W.

    We have had a Mend Adapt for 2 months and it has been my savior in the back region! I thought I liked a softer mattress, after a week on the medium soft side I changed to the firmer side and voila….All these years on a softer mattress and I just needed something firmer. I chose Mend for this ability to make the mattress feel different. It has been just great.

    5 Stars

    Cam L.

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