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    180 Full Nights

    Mend’s trial gives you 180 days to try your mattress risk free. With the adjustability of Mend Adapt, we doubt you will need the entire trial to fall in love. Love it or you can also request we send a new comfort layer to fit your needs! There is no need to get rid of your entire mattress. We make sleeping better easy.

    How Our Risk-Free Sleep Trial Works

    At Mend Sleep, we know how important it is to find the right mattress for your needs and enjoy restful sleep every night. To help with that, we let you test our mattresses, risk-free, for up to 180 nights in the comfort of your home, and get your money back if things don’t work out, all through a simple, streamline process:

    Buy it

    Your Mend mattress will arrive in 7-12 business days.

    Try it risk-free

    Each Mend mattress has a trial. The Mend Adapt+ has a flippable comfort layer so you can pick which firmness works best for you. The Mend Adapt is rarely returned. The Mend Renew has a medium feel that fits most people.

    Keep it or return free

    With Mend Adapt we recommend you try both firmness’s for at least 2 weeks each. Typically one of the firmness’s should work for you. If not you can request a new insert that may fit your needs better. If none of the firmness’s or mattresses do not suit your needs you can return them for free and get your money back.

    Returns get a full refund

    In the event of a return we would love to see your mattress donated locally. If that is not possible we can line up a pick up with a recycling partner and you will be fully refunded.

    Our customers think you’d love Mend, too...

    See why customers love Mend Mattress

    Cam L.
    Cam L.

    Verified Buyer

    5 Stars

    We have had a Mend Adapt for 2 months and it has been my savior in the back region! I thought I liked a softer mattress, after a week on the medium soft side I changed to the firmer side and voila….All these years on a softer mattress and I just needed something firmer. I…read more

    Bryon & Destiny S.
    Bryon & Destiny S.
    4 Stars

    We have bought 2 Mend mattresses. We sleep on the nicer one and our 6 year old sleeps on the cheaper one. Ours has been a gamechanger for me. I never really slept very good on our old mattress. I have less back pain and sleep with less sweating. The kids mattress is very nice…read more

    Morgan A.
    Morgan A.
    5 Stars

    We love our mattress! We were scared to buy online since you cannot try them in most places. So we loved the idea of being able to unzip and change the feel at home. It took the scariness out of buying online. We are 100% happy with the quality, feel and we are sleeping SO…read more

    Pamela & Nick B.
    Pamela & Nick B.
    4 Stars

    We have the Adapt. I was a little skeptical about having a mattress delivered without sleeping on it but it has been fantastic. The last brand we tried was not adjustable and we did not want to fork out big money for a sleep number. So this was a good find for us. We have…read more

    Free Shipping

    We are here to give you 5-star service. That is why we don’t charge any delivery or removal costs.

    Lifetime Warranty

    We will protect your mattress against damages and faults for as long as you have it.

    180 Night Trial

    180 Full Nights to decide if Mend will work for you.

    Flexible Financing

    We offer flexible monthly finance options - so you can sleep great now and pay as you go.

    Frequently asked questions

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    • Can I get a different firmness insert if I don’t like either feel of the one it comes with?

      Mattress Upgrades:

      You may request an upgrade from a less expensive mattress to a more expensive mattress with payment of the difference in cost and shipping of $120.

      Comfort Insert Changes:

      In the event you do not like either firmness on the adapt+ model you may request a firmer or softer insert for a fee of $179.  I would not be overly concerned about not liking one of the firmness’ the Adapt comes with.  Most people like one of the two!


    • Will regular sheets fit the mattresses?

      Yes, most new sheets will be deep pocketed and fit mattresses up to 18-20″.  If you had a old set of sheets they may have issues on the Adapt model.

    • Should I use a mattress protector?

      We always recommend a mattress protector to keep you mattress clean and to not get stained which voids the warranty.

    • Can I order now but not have it ship until I move?

      Yes, but if you do not want it to ship right away please email us right after you order at with your order number and when you would like the mattress to ship.  Keep in mind it is very hard to align something to land on an exact date since we use UPS for shipments, however, once you shipment tracking is available you can request an exact date through UPS.

    • If I place my order today, when will I receive my items?

      Mattress production is generally 3-7 business days depending how busy the factory is.  Shipping is typically 3-5 business days.

    • Which courier(s) do you use?

      Mend Mattresses are shipped with UPS.

    • How do I tell which side is soft and firm?

      Under the fire sock you will see a bluish layer and a white layer of foam.  The bluish layer will be the softer side.  When that layer is up, you will be laying on the softer side.

    • Can I cancel my order?

      If you mattress has not shipped yet or it is still boxed the order can be cancelled.  Once opened we require 30 days before a return can be made.

    • Do I have to pay for my own shipping costs to return products?

      Mend offers free returns.

    • What happens after I have returned my items?

      Once you mattress is either picked up or donated you will be refunded the amount you paid for the mattress.

    • Can I return my items for a refund?

      After 30 days if your mattress is not to your liking you can email to initiate your free return.

    • How can I track my delivery?

      Once you mattress ships (typically after 4-7 business days for production) UPS tracking via email.

    • Between what times will my delivery arrive?

      We ship with UPS, so delivery times would depend on your local driver.  Generally it will come close to the same time your other packages are delivered.  You will receive tracking to track your order once it ships.